Summary of New Features in the SecPAL Research Release v1.1

SecPAL v1.1 is a minor release of SecPAL that maintains compability with our first reasearch release of SecPAL. Changes for v1.1 include:
New / Upgraded Features
  • We have updated the SecPAL grammar to a new and much more readable grammar. I will post a longer explanation in the coming weeks, but in short when you read a SecPAL policy conditions will now be prefaced by an "IF" statement, and constriaints will now be prefaced by a "WHERE" statement. These changes along with improved readibility of fact qualifiers should make the English representation of your policies / assertions much simpler to read. Note: This change should have no impact on existing policies, as it only affects the output of policies / tokens when you call .ToString() on them.
  • The 'CanActAs' predicate can now be used as a conditional fact within an assertion.
  • No breaking changes were made to API's so any SecPAL dependent code that you have written should behave the same.

Bug Fixes
  • A bug that was preventing the graphical proof graph viewer from working has now been fixed, so you can now obtain a graphical view of your proof graphs from within the Audit Log viewer. For instructions on how to use the Audit Log viewer see
  • It was not possible to generate the English representation for a Policy by calling .ToString(). This has now been fixed.
  • The v1.0 release required the TemporalConstraint and the DurationConstraints to act only on variables. This has now been fixed so you can use a mixture of variables or concrete values.

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