Installing SecPAL v1.1

Option 1 - If you do not have another version of SecPAL installed
  • Download the SecPAL MSI
  • Double click on the MSI and follow its installation instructions.
  • SecPAL will appear as ""Microsoft SecPAL Research Version" in both the start menu and within your My Documents folder.
  • A "Getting Started" document provides an overview of how to get started with SecPAL.

There are some minor caveats that you should be aware of if you installed the earlier 1.0 version of SecPAL (ie - a version released prior to June 11th 2007).

Option 2 - Uninstalling via the Control Panel (Recommended Option)
  • Prior to installing the v1.1 release of SecPAL you should go to Control Panel / Add Remove Programs (Programs and Features in Vista) and then select the "Microsoft SecPAL Preview Version" and then select Uninstall. This will uninstall the v1.0 version of SecPAL. Note that the uninstallation process will only remove code that our installer installed - so new code such as compiled versions of the samples (etc) will remain.
  • At this point you can double click on the new SecPAL MSI and follow its installation instructions. The new version has a slightly different name in the Start menu and as the path within your documents directory - it is now called "Microsoft SecPAL Research Version".

Option 3 - Uninstalling via the MSI
  • If you double click on the new MSI and you already have an older version of SecPAL installed, you will be prompted to "Repair" or "Remove" SecPAL. At this point you can simply click "Remove" and the old version of SecPAL will be removed.
  • Once uninstalled, the MSI wizard will now complete - so you actually have to double click on the new MSI one more time, at which point it will install the new v1.1 version of SecPAL.
  • The Repair button is currently not functional.

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