Project Description
Security Policy Assertion Language (SecPAL) provides a flexible and robust declarative authorization language developed for large-scale Grid Computing Environments.

Project Home Page
Welcome to the SecPAL Research Workspace. We have set this workspace up to support community members who may have questions relating to the preview release of SecPAL which is available from From time to time we may also post additional samples which will also demonstrate other aspects of SecPAL that were not covered in the initial preview release.

Downloading SecPAL
This CodePlex site is intended to support evaluation of SecPAL - it does not include a copy of the .NET implementation of SecPAL. The .NET implementation (and associated design papers is available from this site:

If you have downloaded the SecPAL MSI from the MSR site and have any questions about our API's or scenario coverage please feel free to post a question in the Discussions section.

Frequently Asked Questions
Click FAQ to see our FAQ's
For Questions about our 1.1 release, click ResearchRelease1.1

Heaven forbid! While we have tried hard to test SecPAL as we developed it, we are a small "incubation" team with limited resources so it is possible that you will find bugs! Please post bugs, along with detailed reproduction steps in the Issuer Tracker section. As these releases are simply for research purposes we are tentatively planning an update in / around July depending if bugs are actually found or not. We will consider the community bug scores to help us prioritize which bugs to focus on.

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